Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Veils - Royal!

I have been happily anticipating the British Royal Wedding of Prince William and Brilliant Katie! After watching hours of Royal Wedding Specials on PBS, BBC America and Lifetime, I learned that the length of the veil - or train - record currently belongs to Princess Diana at 25 feet.

So, she had to have a pretty awesome veil to compliment the the train and, of course, the crown!

All of this got me thinking about veils and how they can really enhance a hat design...
John French. London, UK, 1950
Or sometimes, it becomes the hat.

Philip Treacy for Valentino Couture
There are lots of creative ways to create veils out of a variety of materials including lace as you can see above. Ribbon is another material that can be used to structure a veil.

Camille Roman, Tour de Force

Do you like wearing veils?


  1. Beautiful ! Cant wait to watch the wedding and see what Kate wears! Love the last photo.


  2. I know - isn't that cool? That designer uses veils to look like little cages around your face.

  3. I would love to wear veils EVERYWHERE, darling! To Costco, Petco, Dowtown - eliminates the need for makeup, you know.....

    But seriously now - Nice veil commentary on your blog!

  4. Maria,

    I agree with you! I always forget how handy veils can be. And how beautiful they look when worn.