Monday, November 1, 2010

Straw Boater made with Goodwill Scraps!

I met a very cool chick named Jessica when my friend Colleen and I were digging through California Millinery in downtown Los Angeles one day. Jessica is new to millinery so I invited her to take classes with me from Jill Pfieffer - an awesome millinery teach here in LA. Here is Jessica in a she made without any instruction!

Jessica took a vintage hood, folded it then added flowers and a ribbon

Jessica decided she wanted to make a black straw boater. So Jill showed her how to begin by building a crown and brim out of buckram. Jessica used black buckram but that wasn't actually necessary since the frame will be covered with the straw braid.

This is the brim. Note the double wide bias tape around the edge.

Once she had the crown built and the brim cut and trimmed in bias tape, Jill instructed her in how to take the straw braid and glue it inch by inch onto the buckram frame.

As you glue a section down you can use clothes pins to hold the braid in place.
So two important materials were used by Jessica in this hat. The first one is the glue Fabritac - which is considered milliner's glue. I recommend you buy it in the smaller bottles because the larger ones lose their caps and it's pretty expensive stuff to have dry out.

The second thing she used was recovered/recycled straw braid. I don't know if she found a black straw hat she took apart but remember there are purses and even table placemats made from straw braid that you could repurpose into your project!

I'll post more pics if Jessica let's me photograph the finished product.

Let me know if you have found anything cool to re-use? I always look at old straw hats in the Goodwill because you never know when you might find quality straw that can be re-blocked into a new life!

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  1. I used a seamripper to take apart this boring black straw hat.