Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Swirl - millinery tips & tricks

My good friend and teacher Montez taught me something last week that I just have to shout about - swirling! Actually, the way she put it to me was "You don't know swirling?! That's millinery 101!!!" 

Swirling is a trick that you do with a headband. Now, if you don't know exactly what a head band is it's the ribbon/elastic/leather inside your hat that touches your head. When using ribbon there is often a pooch that occurs - especially if the hat is an unusual shape. Here's some examples of bumpy headbands.
Bumpy Headbands

Bumpy Headband

To swirl you place your ribbon on an ironing board and place the hot iron along the edge of ribbon and pull the ribbon in a semi-circle. This will place a curve to one side of the ribbon.
 Once you get the curve into the ribbon you place the curved side closest to the brim before you begin so sew and voila! - you'll have a flat headband that fits perfectly!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! This is valuable info for those of us from poochy headband land! ; )

  2. OMG - see how many I have to fix myself! And that ain't even half of it.

  3. You're lucky to have Montez by your side, she's a wonderful person and a skilled milliner!!!


  4. What a great tip - thank you for sharing.

    Have others tried a little squirt with water from a spray bottle to get a little shrinkage and nicer line inside.