Monday, August 9, 2010

Upcyclying! Or how to build hats with Goodwill supplies!

This was a church lady hat!!!
I remember the days when I would go into a thrift shop and see tons of mashed up old lady hats! I never had any idea what a wealth of material they were until now. So, of course, now old felt hats are really hard to find. But there are plenty of small, shapeless felt hats made in China with almost no shape which is fine. They sell for around $3.99 and can be re-blocked into cocktail hats or rebuilt into something with shape and style.

This was a small round hat that read "China" on the label.

This crazy hat was already an amazing felt piece but it had no shape. I blocked it on a bucket shaped block and extended the brim with purple felt I removed from the next hat pictured.

See! No brim!

BEFORE: These are the next two hats I will re-block soon. When I get them into shape I'll post the AFTER pictures.

This was a dirty cowboy hat.
This was an old man's hat!
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