Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top 10 Hats Every Cool Chick Should Own

Hat Lovers, we live in hard times. For years I have been collecting hats but rarely wearing them out. As my friend Lynn likes to say "...and where do you plan to wear that?!" Well, I hate to admit it but while I love beautiful things like sparkly rings, gorgeous scarves and amazing hats I hardly ever wear them. But I think we all should look at making a change where hats are concerned!

All cool chicks need some basic hats in their arsenal to express their style and draw attention to their magnificence! I have a made a list for you to consider in regards to your own wardrobe.

Notice I didn't call this a "tea party" hat. (Damn those people for stealing that phrase!) Everyone should have some decadent hat to wear to tea. These fancy hats are usually made of felt or straw (sinamay) and covered in flowers. But, when choosing your tea hat, you should find one with a bit of whimsy. Here are some examples I like.

The Queen rockin' it in a trench and a Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat!

Beautiful Louise Green hat

This is a hat that needs to be functional and stylish. For me that means I want my ears to stay warm and my hair to stay dry. How you do that is a matter of taste!

Snowfall from Lock & Co.

Like the winter hat, the summer hat should also provide some protection. For me that means I want my face, shoulders and neck out of the sun! This does allow for some mystery, if you like. By hiding your face you also draw attention to yourself. See the floppy hippy below!

Juicy Couture
Okay, you've just got to have a cloche! It's so nice to wear one when you want to stand out in a crowd. Also the shape is good for all seasons of the year. The definition of cloche is "A close-fitting woman's hat with a bell-like shape." Cloche in French literally means bell. But you'll see from the examples that similar hats without the bell shape are considered cloches, as well.

Louise Brooks in 1927 wearing a cloche hatImage via Wikipedia

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010
Etsy seller, Liza Rietz

Well, I love France so it follows that I would love berets. But have you noticed how some can look very Scottish? Actually the Basque are credited with originating the look but I think the fact that they travel so easily made them good for the military, as well. However you like to sport the look they are a great go to hat for cold weather or bad hair days.

Beautiful Louise Green Beret

Slouchy is big with the kids

If you want to grab attention without yelling or having a wardrobe malfunction then wear a fascinator! The fascinator I believe is anything from a gorgeous hairclip to a headband to a cocktail hat. And they range from small & tasteful to large and shiny! Here are some great examples of the latter.

SJP in a Philip Treacy

Etsy Seller JanineBasil


Celebs love the floppy hat! Just yesterday Hat Life ran a short article about all the celebs hiding behind their hats including Chelsea Clinton on the way to her wedding. Like fascinators they draw attention but by hiding your face instead of highlighting it!

Classic Bridgit Bardot
Vanessa Hudgins & her floppy hat

I am not crazy about fedoras but fedoras won't care - because everyone else is crazy about them. They are the hipster craze and look great on men & women, young & old. Plus, Mad Men's style hasn't hurt with bringing back the look. My favorite is on the head of my teenage crush -- Indiana Jones!
The jaunty fedora


Harrison Ford and the manly fedora
I hate to admit it but this is probably the type of hat I wear the most. While many people prefer baseball caps because it allows them to show their team spirit I turn to this hat wear on sunny days when my hair needs to be hidden or I am painting a room. I notice a lot of them in the Goodwill bins and there's a variety of messages being displayed - you just have to pick what you want to say!

Jennifer Aniston

Don't you think everyone deserves a crown? It reminds you that you are the ruler of your domain! And, as they say in the movie The Little Princess - all girls are princesses. I think we should go home every night and spend the final hours of the day sporting a crown to remind us of our royal nature!

Princess Diana
Swedish Crown Princess Victoria
Etsy RoseoftheMire's Grecian Goddess Crown

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