Monday, August 23, 2010

Before and After - Upcycling a Goodwill Hat


I started with what was probably a velour cap. It was a little dirty so I decided I wanted to wash it before blocking.

I washed the hat in the sink with hot water and a little dish washing soap. I then placed the hat on a hat block I carved our of styrofoam.

*tip: you can carve shapes out of styrofoam and then cover them with a plaster & gauze product called Rigid wrap. Once this dries you then also cover the block with plastic wrap so your hat material stays clean while drying.

Hat Block
Blocking the hat

After the velour was wet I placed it on the hat block and tied down the end with a small rope or shoestring. I also used large tacks to keep the rope in place and added a hair band around the top to encourage the material to take that shape. You then use your hands to press the fabric into shape. If there is wool in the fabric it will begin to shrink onto your hat block.

*tip: If you have trouble shaping the fabric you can use a hot iron with steam to apply more heat and hand press into the shape you desire.

Ironing and steaming the edge
my desired edge

To complete the shape I ironed along the edge of the hat where I had tied the rope to turn under. I then sewed the edge down and trimmed the extra material. This gave me a basic shape to trim.

Sewing the edge
To trim the hat I used a brown velvet ribbon to cover the edge of the hat and then curled, glued and sewed feathers wrapped in the same ribbon.

*tip: Curling feathers is super easy. You just use a curling iron to either 1) grab the end and curl in for smaller, or 2) place the iron in spots along the feather to make a larger curl.

*tip: Feather tips should always be covered. You can use ribbon or paint them, of you like.

If you have trouble finding feathers you like I have a great secret for you! Most sporting good stores that sell fishing supplies usually have some awesome, unusual feathers at low prices. Check it out!

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  1. I am so in awe of you. 'Nuf said. xoxo

  2. Adorable. And great idea with the sporting goods store.

  3. @rhymeswithstitch -- The feathers I used on this hat came from Sports Chalet and cost only $4.00. What's crazy is that I haven't even used all of them and have plenty for a another hat. Fly fisherman supplies rock!