Friday, June 4, 2010

More Beginner Hats

I'm in love with this shape. I took a felt blocking class with a teacher who offered her blocks for use and I was suprised to find out that 1) you can block on paper mache and 2) I really love this shape!

I wish I could figure out an easy way to copy this block. I have tried carving the shape in foam and then covering with a plaster wrap but I have to say my skills are not up to the task. My next plan is to take this hat, measure the shape and then hire a wood carver to make a copy. I'll post that when the block is done!

The felt for this hat came from Leko hats. It's a herringbone print and I love it! Look how nicely the circle worked around the top of the hat!

The thing I like the best is that this hat reminds me of a hat Rosalind Russell wore in "His Girl Friday." Well, not exactly, but close enough for me.

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